Kings View was founded in Reedley in 1951, and was the largest in-patient facility on the West Coast at that time. Since then, the in-patient facility in Reedley closed and services have expanded significantly to include a truly diverse and comprehensive offering of mental health and substance use disorder services in outpatient settings throughout the State of California.

The variety of programs include:

  • Behavioral health programs
    • Wellness centers
  • Telepsychiatry
  • Youth Skills 4 Success
  • Drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment programs
  • A day facility providing activity and work experience for adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Homeless outreach and support
  • Crisis Intervention programs that work with law enforcement
  • Hotlines for suicide prevention
  • Mental health consulting for companies
  • Health and Information Analytics
  • Electronic Health Record implementation, support and billing
  • And other tailored programs to help those in need in the community Kings View serves in over thirty-five counties throughout the State of California.

In a post pandemic world filled with uncertainty and distressing events occurring almost daily, where do you go for mental health support? With substance use on the rise and homelessness increasing in communities, there is only one organization thinking outside the box and providing services in ways that are meaningful to the people receiving them. That organization is Kings View, and we have been providing these services for 72 years.

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Meet Nicole, a Survivor Twenty-three years, there are Blue Skies ahead!

For a young woman named Nicole, born into a disjointed and unhealthy family environment, she did not have many choices. Nicole was born into a family consisting of her mother and five other siblings. She only saw her father once. Her mother was highly addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol. At age nine, Nicole was chosen to secure these items for her mother.