Meet Nicole, a Survivor Twenty-three years, there are Blue Skies ahead!

For a young woman named Nicole, born into a disjointed and unhealthy family environment, she did not have many choices. Nicole was born into a family consisting of her mother and five other siblings. She only saw her father once. Her mother was highly addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol. At age nine, Nicole was chosen to secure these items for her mother.

As you can imagine, this was not a healthy responsibility for a nine year old. Nicole was abused, and sexually assaulted time and time again. This abuse occurred in her home as well. Her mother used to step on her children until they could barely breathe as their punishment for misbehaving or a way for her to exude her anger.

“Love and violence were always intertwined for me,” said Nicole.

From that time on, Nicole was in and out of foster homes and mental hospitals. This pattern continued until she was eighteen, and old enough to begin receiving assistance. Unfortunately, there were men in her life, an uncle and other relatives that were prostitute handlers and/or drug dealers. She then had to endure and experience unthinkable events at the hands of these predatory men.

After Nicole turned twenty, she came in contact with her sister’s father, who Nicole thought was a nice, upstanding man as he held a professional job in the community. She felt this was a man she could finally trust. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Similar, but even worse and more frequent, sexual abuse commenced.

Out of desperation, Nicole tried to commit suicide. She was not successful. Her life started to spiral, and she began feeling completely hopeless. One evening, out of anger, frustration, and powerlessness, she picked up a blunt weapon and hit this man she thought she could trust. “I tried to make him feel like he had made me feel all those years, she said.” The man survived, and Nicole turned herself in.

She spent twenty-three years in jail due to this assault. After being enrolled into a trial with USC, Nicole’s case was given new life and the students at USC assisted Nicole in securing her release. “There are only two sentences that mean the most to me…Jesus Loves Me and You are Granted Parole!”, Nicole shared.

Nicole then found the Kings View Blue Sky Wellness Center. She started attending classes but was guarded. Over time, she grew to feel comfortable and welcome. She got involved in everything that interested her, and life took on a new meaning. She felt welcome and safe; her attendance slowly morphed into working for Blue Sky as a volunteer. Her responsibilities increased, and she enjoyed feeling valued for contributing productively to other’s needs.

Because of her time at Blue Sky, the lessons she learned, and the love and acceptance she received, Nicole has been able to secure her own apartment, pay her bills, and obtain her GED. She is also engaged to be married to a gentleman she met at Blue Sky. One day, Nicole hopes to have her own high-end linen, greeting card and custom mirror products to sell.

For Nicole, there are bluer skies ahead due to the Blue Sky Wellness Center, and her willingness to take a risk, allow healthy people to care for her, and work toward the life she has always wanted.

Unfortunately, there are many more stories like this found at Blue Sky. If you’d like to help others like Nicole at, please donate today…you will make a positive and significant impact on the life of another in need. Thank you for your generosity!