Youth Skills Attainment

Blue Sky Youth Empowerment 

Blue Sky Youth Empowerment Centers is a PE&I Program operated by Kings View in Fresno County with a focus on youth and their families in rural Fresno communities. Services are provided free to youth and their families.

The primary goals of YEC are: to provide life skills, mental health education and resources, and encourage youth empowerment to unserved/underserved youth ages 10-18. The target populations are: Southeast Asian, Native American, African-American and Latino communities. The program currently operates at six sites throughout Fresno County.

Some of the topics that the program covers:

  1. Anger management
  2. Suicide
  3. Leadership and Communication skills
  4. Depression & Bi-Polar
  5. Stigma
  6. Positive mental health
  7. Bullying
  8. Growing positive decision making, relationship building, and life choices.

The program uses a group facilitation method with a focus on encouraging youth to participate. The program works to identify the early warning signs and symptoms of mental illness and provide age appropriate tools to manage them. This program works with the youth to develop resources, life skills, strategies and support systems to improve their self-esteem and assist them in creating successful and mentally healthy lives. As needed, referrals are made to mental health services for both the youth and their families.

For more information call:

(559) 230-2501
Fax: (559) 230-2506