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Blue Sky Wellness Center

Kings View’s Blue Sky Wellness Center was developed in 2007 as an innovative program between Kings View and the consumers with funding from Fresno County. Keeping in line with the Mental Health Services Act, Blue Sky was created and designed by consumers to be a welcoming facility that aids in the consumers road to recovery.

The Blue Sky Wellness Center was developed with the primary focus on key mental health recovery principles: dispensing hope, having freedom of choice, modeling self-determination and personal responsibility and emphasizing that consumers can and do heal from a mental health diagnosis. Blue Sky’s staffing is comprised of present or past consumers of mental health services.

Self-help and peer support are the foundation of Blue Sky’s peer community. Staff provides a safe environment where consumers come together to socialize, participate in peer support groups, and volunteer their talents. This connection is a deep holistic understanding based on mutual experience where people are able to be together without the constraints of the traditional (expert/patient) relationship. Blue Sky has out grown the role of ‘mental patient’ and has taken a wellness posture of mental health advocacy with peer support as the centers mantra.

Blue Sky offers a culture of wellness, recovery and a strength-based attitude as opposed to a culture of dependency, disability and illness. Blue Sky promotes that as consumers we are more than our diagnosis and that recovery is always possible.

Blue Sky does not require a club joining membership fee, or referral to attend; only the consumer’s willingness to take the first step and the choice to come through the front door. Blue Sky is truly wellness and recovery focused with daily choices in support groups, a variety of activities, computer availability, library, weekly clothes closet, and a gym for personal use. Consumers are welcomed by consumer volunteers at the consumer center, where they are greeted with a smile and offered compassion and respect.


The Blue Sky Wellness Center is a consumer-centered and consumer-driven wellness and recovery environment that creates a sense of “place” by welcoming and nurturing the consumers’ individual choices in their recovery journey and challenges.


Oak Well Center provides a safe, non-treatment oriented social environment to promote recovery from mental health issues and enhance wellness among its adults. This unique utilization of a membership operated wellness center provides the perfect fertile ground for member’s empowerment. The members are able to socialize with peers, staff, and others on a non-treatment level to promote recovery and wellness. The center raises part of its own funds for activities as well as having a direct input into its function and operation via an ad-hoc committee. Other funds come from the county mental health department via the Mental Health Services Act. The OWC operates seven days a week expect major holidays. Services include activities such as arts and crafts, outings, wellness/recovery and life skills groups, and other positive life enhancing activities. These activities are lead by members and volunteers. Membership and participation is open to any individual who is vested in recovery and wellness.

The philosophy of the operation of the OWC is to create the opportunity for people recovering from psychiatric disorders to promote and contribute to enhancing recovery and wellness. We believe members will access needed services more quickly and timely when they are involved in and are part of a supportive environment. We anticipate that some members will develop the skills needed to access jobs, contribute to the community, and participate in other community organizations.  


  • Summer Camp Children
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Treatment Program
  • Psychoeducation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Behavioral Disorders Treatment Program