Drugs and Alcohol Services

For more information about Kings View's DUI programs, please call: 559-457-2302

For many people drinking is nothing more than a way to socialize, celebrate or to relax. However alcohol has become such a big part of American life that we rarely stop to consider if a pattern is beginning to develop. Statistics currently suggest that 50.9% of adults over the age of 18 drink on a regular basis and 15% of the drinkers living in the United States are considered to be “problem drinkers.” 70.6% of all 10th grade students have tried alcohol. The abuse of alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs remain at epidemic proportions with 28 million adults and young people struggling every day with the horrific results of abuse and addiction. The need to help people struggling to overcome addictions and get help has never been more important. Kings View alcohol and drug treatment programs recognize that no single treatment is appropriate for all clients, therefore the multi-disciplinary staff includes; Physicians, Certified/Registered Addiction Specialist, Nurses and Pharmacist.

Kings View staff will help you determine the appropriate treatment program for you.

Kings View proudly provides the following services:

  • Medication Assisted Treatment Services (Suboxone and Methadone)
  • Private Outpatient Alcohol/Drug Counseling Services
  • Court Ordered Alcohol/Drug Counseling Services
  • Intervention Services
  • PC 1000 Deferred Entry of Judgment Services (Court Ordered)
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Services (Court, DMV or Self referred)
  • Dual Diagnosed Programs


Additional Treatment Services Available:

  • Out-Patient Alcohol and Drug Counseling (Private and Court ordered)
  • Medication Assisted Therapies (Methadone and Suboxone)
  • Referrals

Kings View Community Services Alcohol and Drug Services:

  • PC 1000
  • PC 1000 (penal Code 1000) Program (Deferred Entry of Judgment Program)

    Having over 20 years of experience in providing PC 1000 program services, Kings View's knowledge is vast when it comes to dealing with this unique population.   Kings View’s program is designed to provide education and intervention services to first time offenders of minor drug violations. It is the programs intent that during the course of the Program, each participant will be educated about the use/abuse of drugs and alcohol. This information will then give the participant the opportunity to examine their own use and the behaviors associated with the use/abuse. In addition it allows the participant to gain insight into the impact that their use has on their family, friends and society.  Each County has different requirements for the program content, ranging from education only to a full services treatment program, therefore Kings View recommends that you call the Kings View program in your county of residence for information on specific programming.  

    In Tulare County you can begin PC1000 services by calling 559-688-7531 or contacting Cindy Gonzales at cgonzales@kingsview.org.  The program begins with a payment of $50.00 and the total cost (including that $50.00) is $300.00.  The classes meet once a week and the program consists of 20 hours of class time.  Classes are held in Tulare, Visalia, and Porterville.  Spanish-language classes are held in Tulare and Dinuba. 

Kings View began providing DUI services in 1975 and was instrumental in the early formation of the California DUI system.

Kings View Community Services is the only non-profit DUI program in the central valley, and is a member of CADDTP (California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs).

Kings View’s Driving under the Influence Programs (DUI) are licensed by the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Services pursuant to Title 9 Chapter 3 of the California Code of Regulations. In addition we work in collaboration with the criminal justice system and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Kings View Community Services Currently Offer:

  • Wet Reckless Education Program
  • 3 Month First Offender Program
  • 6 Month First Offender Program
  • 9 Month First Offender Program
  • 12 Month Program
  • 18 Month Program

Kings View is a proud member of the California Association or Drinking Driver Treatment programs (CADDTP), and Kings View’s staff actively participates with various State and Local committees. www.cadtp.org

If you have an ‘old’ DUI and can’t get your driver’s license, call Kings View to help you through the often difficult process of getting your license reinstated.

Location of Services:

  • Clovis - 1521 Tollhouse Rd. #G, Clovis - (559) 325-9174
  • Fresno - 1410 F Street Suite 101, Fresno - (559) 457-2302
  • Kings - 289 E 8th St., Hanford - (559) 582-9307
  • Madera - 125 South D St., Madera- (559) 673-8006
  • Mariposa - 5200 Hwy 49N, Mariposa - (559) 742-6868
  • Oakhurst - 49629 Golden Oak Drive, #204B, Oakhurst - (559) 641-2805
  • Porterville DUI – 215 North “D” Street, Porterville, CA 93257 (559) 783-2402
  • Sanger - 1822 Jensen Ave, #102, Sanger - (559) 875-6300
  • Sonora - 14663 Monoway, Sonora - (209) 532-0307
  • Tulare - 559 E. Bardsley Ave., Tulare - (559) 688-7531
  • Visalia DUI – 2372 W. Whitendale Avenue, Visalia, CA 93279 (559) 651-8090