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Kings View is one of six mental health providers that are part of the Mennonite Health Services Alliance, a national organization that comprises more than 70 Mennonite-affiliated health and human service organizations. MHS Alliance is the national sponsor of Kings View, appointing the governing board and the CEO. We provide resources to support Kings View as it seeks to be effective in carrying out its mission and faithful to its core values and faith affiliation. Kings View is part of our national Mennonite Mental Health Council; contributing and receiving professional expertise and support with peer organizations. We commend Kings View for a strong governing board and highly competent executive and senior staff.

Kings View has demonstrated immense capacity to shape its work in response to ongoing changes in state and federal regulations and reimbursement, dramatic changes in market demographics, and changing structures for delivery of services throughout California. In the last decade, Kings View transitioned from one that was primarily an inpatient model of service to one that is disbursed, providing high quality services to numerous county programs and extending much needed social and psychiatric services to rural communities through tele-psychiatry.

Rick Stifney, President - MHS Alliance

The Agnes Whitson Home for Special People

The Agnes Whitson Home for Special People, a non-profit residential care facility, in Dos Palos, California, has enjoyed over twenty years of excellent, mutually beneficial relationship with Kings View. The Home which normally has 12-14 adult developmentally disabled residents began operations in the early 1980s, and since the mid-1980s its clients have attended the workshop facility managed by Kings View in Los Banos, California. The Agnes Whitson residents have enjoyed not only the work program at the Kings View facility; they have particularly enjoyed their paychecks.

In 2005 the relationship between Agnes Whitson and Kings View became broader and deeper. Frank Duerksen, then Kings View CEO, and Sam Kalember, Executive Director of the Kings View Work facility in Los Banos, accepted Agnes Whitson's invitation to join the Agnes Whitson Board and share their professional experience and expertise with the other Board Members and Staff. This arrangement has worked to the Agnes Whitson Home's advantage; and both parties hope and expect to see the relationship continue and expand.

The Carter Family - Founders of the Agnes Whitson Home for Special People

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