Youth Skills Attainment Program

Youth Skills Attainment Program

The Kings View Ready, Set, Go! Program (RSG!) is a contracted program from the Madera County Workforce Investment Board. RSG! is a work readiness, mentoring, basic and life skills training program for Madera County youth facing multiple barriers. RSG! has successfully operated in Madera, CA since 2000 and serves both in and out of school youth.

The In-School program (ISY) is designed to serve high school students with priority given to seniors. In-school participants attend workshops at the Madera County Workforce Assistance Center two days a week during after school hours which focus on improving their employability, basic, life, and leadership skills. During the summer there are paid work experience opportunities for active youth participants. ISY program services are also available at several target locations including Pioneer Technical Center, Enterprise Secondary School, and Chowchilla.

The Out-of-School program (OSY) serves out of school older youth aged 18-21 who are currently not attending high school. OSY participants attend workshops located at the Madera County Workforce Assistance Center two days a week during the morning. Participants who have not yet completed high school are referred to Madera Adult School for GED prep classes. OSY participants also receive paid work experience opportunities. An additional component to the OSY program is the Customer Service Academy which is a college level certificate program. Customer Service Academy classes are held twice a week during mornings. Participants are Customer Service Certified when they successfully complete the training program and receive college credit. Follow up services are available to both ISY and OSY participants for one year after exit.

RSG! also has several ongoing special projects. The Peer Support Workers (PSWs) are a group of youth leaders who have chosen to serve and participate in various projects, community events, and trainings. RSG! also provides service to Madera County Department of Social Services through their Independent Living Program (ILP) for foster youth. Workshops are conducted at the DSS Administration building for youth currently enrolled in the ILP program. ILP participants also have the opportunity for paid work experience. The Youth Connect Madera Project is the result of the partnership between multiple agencies in Madera County. Youth participate in two college level semester long computer courses held at the Madera County Workforce Assistance Center. Upon successful completion students receive college credit, a computer, printer, and internet access.


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