Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services to Fresno County


The PATH program is designed to provide a full range of mental health services, primarily intensive case management services, psychiatric medication evaluation and follow-up to 30 Severely Mentally Ill (SMI) homeless indivduals. These services can include providing funding for housing, emergency housing and one time rental subsidies as indicated by the consumers' needs within the fiscal limitations of the budget.


Our philosophy operates from a wellness and recovery perspective in an effort to empower all of our consumers to be ideally self-directed

Program services available

We work closely with our consumers to engage them in achieving the services they need such as permanent housing, receiving SSDI if appropriate, linkage to county employment services for those that are able to work and referral to educational institutes as appropriate. Inerent in all that we do is to keep consumers from being homeless or being psychiatrically hospitalized.

Who we serve

Adult Residents of Fresno County with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Homeless-Blue Sky Wellness Center

Blue Sky Wellness Center is a consumer-centered and consumer-driven wellness and recovery environment that creates a sense of 'place' by welcoming and nurturing the consumers' individual choices in their recovery journey and challenges. Centrally located and close to Fresno's bus center, Blue Sky is open 6 days a week. Blue Sky provides a wide variety of support and educational groups for consumers as well as family members in understanding mental illness better in developing new skills along the road of recovery. Please stop by and join us in the many activities and groups we offer at the center. We would love to meet you.

Blue Sky Youth Empowerment Centers

Blue Sky Youth Empowerment Centers is a prevention program service of Blue Sky Wellness Center that specifically addresses the mental health needs of youth throughout Fresno County communities.  Our program has developed 6 different community collaboration sites (centers) in which we provide prevention and wellness activities, mental health education, leadership skills and other peer support activities.  We also provide parenting classes to youth's parents and, when necessary, provide assistance to youth and/or their guardian/parent with accessing mental health resources.


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