Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services to Tulare County

South County Mobile Services

The purpose of the South County Mobil Services is to provide 'in the field' culturally competent mental health services to underserved/un-served individuals of all ages and families in the small communities of South Tulare County. These MHSA services are intended to both reach out to those individuals in need of services who have been unable to obtain them and to provide services in new and innovative ways. The successes of the MHSA projects in Tulare County will be replicated by the County system as a whole.

These MHSA programs are intended to 'do what ever it takes' to assist the client in achieving stable mental health. 'What ever it takes' allows staff to provide a wide range of service not normally provided in traditional mental health clinics.

Currently we are delivering services to clients in their home communities. We have a mobile RV with both medical and mental health staff that will visit in various small community's south Tulare County on a regular scheduled basis. Transportation is provided to the clients and families to the RV site for services as needed.

Community outreach and awareness are critical components to the success of these programs. Utilization of this program is highly dependent upon each small community's participation, support, and involvement in the program. Having key community agencies engaged in the support is essential. Referrals are accepted from individuals and community agencies.

One-Stop Program

The One-Stop program, in collaboration with other youth based agencies, serves residents of Tulare County ages 12-24 who meet medical necessity throughout the south east county areas. We advocate a multidisciplinary, individualized, culturally sensitive, harm reduction based approach including peer support, parenting resources, employment coordination, counseling and psychiatric care in a 'One-Stop' center location where staff can also facilitate linkage to services. Clients can be referred from anywhere in the community and will be evaluated by a clinician to determine whether the client meets medical necessity.

Tulare County Warm Line

One of the services that are provided by Kings View is the Tulare County Warm Line.  If you are in need of speaking to someone who will not judge or criticize, please call this toll free number.  The service is toll free, available all week, weekends and holidays.  Hours of operation are 8 am to 10 pm.

The Warm line is staffed by people who have experienced the same kinds of issues a caller might have.  They are bilingual English/Spanish and are there to assist by listening, encouraging and being supportive.  The call is anonymous and confidential.

Please call us at 1-877-306-2413; it really might help to have a friendly, understanding person to talk to.


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