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Kings View is committed to protecting your privacy. This Notice of Privacy Practices (English | Spanish) explains Kings View’s privacy practices. If you have questions or complaints, contact –

Kings View
Attention:  Privacy Officer
7170 N. Financial Drive, Suite 110
Fresno, CA  93720
Phone (559) 256-1080 

Under law, you have the rights to:

  1. Receive written notice of how your information is used and disclosed
    - Behavior Health: Notice of Privacy Practices (English | Spanish);
    - Information Practices Act: Notice of Privacy Practices (English | Spanish); 
    - Driving Under the Influence & PC1000 Programs: Notice of Privacy
      Practices (English | Spanish);  
  2. Access (copy and inspect) your medical records (English | Spanish); 
  3. Request an amendment to your medical records (English | Spanish); 
  4. Obtain an accounting of disclosures of your medical records with limited exceptions (English | Spanish);
  5. Request certain information be restricted from uses or disclosures otherwise permitted (English | Spanish);
  6. Request confidential communications by an alternate method (English | Spanish);
  7. File a privacy complaint without fear of retaliation (English | Spanish); and
  8. Receive notification if your privacy is breached. 

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