About Kings View

Meet our Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Leon Hoover

Kings View Board of Directors

George Harper Chairperson

Jim Rodriquez Treasurer

Kevin Schellenberg Secretary

Jane Middleton

Stan Huebert

Philip Neufeld

Administrative Staff

Vida Jalali Chief Financial Officer - Interim

Sue Essman Director of Human Resources

Jeff Gorski Director of Business Development

Beverly Raine Director of Communications

Letty Hernandez Telepsychiatry Administrative Manager

Program Staff

Dr. Herb Cruz Director of Medical Services Telepsychiatry Head of ServIces

Brenda Johnson-Hill Executive Director-Mental Health Services/SELPA

Candie Smith Executive Director-Community Drug & Alcohol Services

Eugene Bell Executive Director - Madera Workforce "Ready-Set-Go" Program

Jeff Gorski Executive Director-Fresno County Blue Sky Wellness Center/PATH/CVSPH

Sam Kalember Executive Director - Kings View Work Experience Center

Technology Staff

Bill Dollar Chief Information Officer

Sandra Turner Director of Software Support Services

Randy Janzen Director of Clinicial Software Support Services

Gretta Petersen Director of Operations Support Services

Eric Cardoza Director of Research Development and Special Projects

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